From: Sherry Padgett
Sent: Monday, June 13, 2005 9:39 AM
To: Tom Butt, Gayle McLaughlin [Richmond City Council]; Barbara Cook and others at DTSC
Subject: Pile of dirt Meade at Regatta

Tom/Gayle/Barbara -- Attached are two pictures taken this morning, Monday, 6/13/05, of the pile of dirt at the corner of Meade and Regatta.









Dirt and dust blows off the pile constantly on windy days.

No dust control (water or tarps) has been evident during the duration of the construction project (about nine months to one year).

The pile of dirt has been changing forms for about two months (or longer) as dirt has been hauled out from behind the newly constructed building and stockpiled waiting to be hauled away.

The source and toxicity of the dirt pile is in question, especially given the extreme levels of chemicals of surrounding properties including Zeneca/Cherokee-Simeon/Campus Bay, UC Field Station and BioRad.

Tom/Gayle -- Did the City permit this earth movement and pile? If the answer requires making a request at the Building Permit counter, please let us know. I cannot follow-through with that much investigative time given my current health status. Maybe Soula Culver or Tarnel Abbot would make the request if you cannot get the answer?

Barbara -- Is DTSC involved in the soil movement and insuring they are not piling and hauling away hazardous waste or other toxic material? The Water Board (Cecil Felix) was involved in a fairly extensive groundwater test about one year ago near or around BioRad. He mentioned in passing that chemicals common to Zeneca were baffling them . . . It might have been this property? Given the proximity to the Field Station and Zeneca/Cherokee-Simeon/Campus Bay, has DTSC been consulted?

Tom/Gayle/Barbara -- The most current issue is the amount of dirt leaving the property (airborne and falling off trucks), the question of its toxicity and ongoing permits/oversight/inspections.