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News stories, in chronological order, from 5/04-on
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  Zeneca Site Map - 1998
Zeneca Site Toxins / Health Effects           
- Levine-Fricke (cleanup co.) documents 10/03-9/04   - 12/06 Detailed graphics of toxic hot-spots
- Water Quality Control Board documents 4/04-1/05   - 10/06 photos of toxic hot-spots
- City of Richmond documents  10/99-2/05   - 6/05 Dead trees along Mead St.
Chronological "master list"
of above 3 categories combined, & more
  - 6/05 Purple ooze at UC Field Station
Richmond Field Station documents 10/04-7/05   - 6/04 Zeneca/cap photos, from Bay Trail
Seaport wartime housing project articles 12/02-3/05   - 2001 photo of demolition in progress
EPA/Superfund data available re Stauffer Chemical   - 1977 photo of holding ponds
December 2002 WCT article re Zeneca site   - 1950's photos of Bay / Stauffer
    - 1916 map = already toxic
Minutes, from Jan. 2006 - on.    
UCB Environmental Site    
transcript of 5/24/05 CalEPA meeting (has transcription errors, e.g., "Zilica" instead of Zeneca, "US Berkeley" instead of UC Berkeley, etc.)

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