Report from Sherry Padgett, 12/22/04:

Still no document from Cal EPA, DTSC or SFBRWQCB describing downwind health and safety risk.

Stepped up operations continue and no public notice has been given regarding risk assessment.

Dirt on Meade Street continues to be a problem.

Followed three trucks around 11:30 a.m. today (Tuesday, 12/21/04) from South 47th Street to freeway entrance.

Dust kicked up from truck tires even though trucks rolling at approximately 10 mph.

Street sweeper appears to be adding water to street without picking up excessive dirt.

As soon as water dries, mud turns to dust.

Street sweeper turning around before railroad tracks no sweeping to intersection.

Meade Street very dirty beyond where sweeper stops.

See chemicals recorded for Air Monitors listed on web site below.

No expansion in number of chemicals being tested, i.e. PCBs still not tested.

(See pcb document attached)

No testing expansion of metals, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

No change in limits.

No chemical measurements posted since 12/1/04 three weeks ago.

Hydrogen Sulfide limit 42 micrograms per cubic meter

11/15/04 33.6 micrograms per cubic meter

PCE limit 35 micrograms per cubic meter

Testing methodology not changed to determine low level exposures below 35 micrograms per cubic meter

Many test results continue to stop detection just below threshold, i.e. no detection found <34 micrograms per cubic meter means we dont know if site is emitting the VOC at 33 micrograms per cubic meter (constant low level exposure)

Particulates under 10 microns limit 50 micrograms per cubic meter

11/16/04 50 micrograms per cubic meter

11/18/04 49 micrograms per cubic meter

Meter broke 12/7/04 and was not replaced until 12/13/04

No data has been entered since 12/13/04

Toxaphene test methodology not sensitive enough to reach .75 microgram per cubic meter limit

(See attachment for toxaphene hazard description)

11/2/04 Test could not detect below .98, 1.3 and 1.1 micrograms per cubic meter

11/8/04 Test could not detect below .94 micrograms per cubic meter

11/18/04 Test could not detect below .84 micrograms per cubic meter

11/23/04 Test could not detect below 1.9 micrograms per cubic meter

12/6/04 Test could not detect below .85 micrograms per cubic meter

See all the occurrences of dust exceeding limits.

Not one shutdown to date for dust exceeding limits.

See innumerable equipment failures (dust and chemicals) and explanations for exceeding limits.

See also