From: "Sherry Padgett" <>
Subject: More on 49th Street South Air Monitor
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004

See dust readings on 49th Street South Monitor at following web site.

SFBRWQCB ordered two 24 hour monitors be placed at fence line across street from 49th Street businesses after we filed complaints about dust during first week of operations starting 9/29/04. For the first time since 1998, we are starting to see numbers recorded which show something closer to our experience. Distinct layer of dust on cars at end of day when contractor, environmental engineer, developer and Water Board staff all say no dust is visible.

See comment at end of air monitoring page which says dust spiked when no equipment was operational. Also matches our experience of dust coming off site, regardless of machinery working.

If the dust monitors are finally picking up the dust we see at the end of every day, and this is the best control they can provide without a tent, then it doesnt take much imagination to know the test results in 2002 were bogus (incomplete, inaccurate, not enough monitors, monitors were not sensitive enough, no readings on many days when dust was at its worst). Between 1998 and 2001 no one knew Zeneca was dismantling one of the most toxic dumps in the state, with no protections, no notice, no testing and dust was low level and constant for years. (Not as bad as the 2002 dust storms when the sun could not be seen and we couldnt tell if the streets were paved.) When Zeneca site facilities staff and demolition contractor demolished the production and storage facilities which housed proprietary pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, how much of it was airborne starting in 1998?

Still no particulate testing in current samples. See attached DTSC/Barbara Cooks letter to SFBRWQCB last week regarding ways to measure particulate with current dust measurements. Acceptable levels must be much lower than the current 500 micrograms per cubic meter. DTSC letter references 80 micrograms per cubic meter with time weighted average for 24 hour period no greater than 50 micrograms per cubic meter.

This is madness that we are the ones reading these documents and getting on the phone with SFBRWQCB to draw their attention to the discrepancies. Operations continue while dust exceeds limits set by DTSC. Lots of high level attention and hand wringing on the site and still no one is doing the job of cop.

Dirt all over Meade Street from South 47th to freeway entrance starting last Saturday through close of business today. No street sweepers. Will email it in tonight and call it in tomorrow.

We still do not have the letter from Bruce Wolfe, SFBRWQCB, describing the downwind risk.


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First Simeon/Cherokee/Levine Fricke said the newly placed 49th Street air monitors on fence (across street from Kray Cabling, Inc.) had defect and they were replacing.

Looks like they skipped a day of reporting, 10/28/04 on 49th Street South Air Monitor.

If it is a new monitor, it is still reporting dust numbers higher than other monitors.

If accurate, fits with our experience(s), regardless of attempts to explain them away as exceptions or non existent.

Note for 10/29/04 reading states:

PDR operated from 7:30 PM on 10/29/04 to 7:30 AM on 10/30/04. Elevated reading began at 11 AM. No work activities were [occurring]. Wind was calm. Interference may have [occurred] due to fog. Adjacent PDR registered near background levels.

Still no readings entered for the limited chemicals being tested as far back as 10/21/04.