From: "Sherry Padgett" <>
Subject: Dirt on Meade Street 10/30/04 and 11/1/04
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 00:38:53 -0800

Note to Terry Seward and Cecil Felix, SFBRWQCB. Terry is Cecil's immediate supervisor. Two more layers between Terry and Bruce Wolfe.


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Subject: Dirt on Meade Street 10/30/04 and 11/1/04


There is so much dirt on Meade Street between South 47th Street and the freeway access that one of the double yellow lines can no longer be seen. There are two double yellow lines on Meade Street. The northern double yellow line is no longer visible because it is covered with so much dirt.

I took a picture and filmed the dirt Saturday, 10/30/04. I thought maybe a street sweeper would take care of it today, Monday, 11/1/04. The street was even dirtier this evening, 11/1/04 at 6 p.m. than it was Saturday, 10/30/04. It was nearly dark and I could not see lines on the street and dust kicked up when a car drove by this evening.

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