WHERE IS IT?     map                         

It is at the end of Bayview Avenue, on the edge of the San Francisco Bay. There is a Bayview exit off the 580 freeway, which runs between Berkeley and San Rafael. If you drive past that exit, the Zeneca/'Campus Bay'/UC Field Station area is just out of sight behind some small business buildings that sit next to it, all next to a stand of large eucalyptus trees. It is north of the Point Isabel dog park, and very close to it. (If you are letting your dog swim in that water, you are endangering its health and probably your own.)

Bayview Avenue goes from the Bay to San Pablo Avenue, where it ends -- across San Pablo it becomes Manila Avenue in El Cerrito.

Looking at a map and considering the strength and pattern of the wind, the neighborhood must be contaminated to the southeast at least as far as Kensington/Central Ave./Fairmount and to the north who knows how far -- McBryde? We know that the winds are strong enough, for at least that distance, that in winter the rain drives straight at the side of a house, coming off the ocean -- so it is clear that that wind can carry things a long way.

If you are looking at a map, it is the large, white "empty" area at the end of Seaport Ave. (which connects with the Bayview Ave. overpass).

The housing at Marina Bay, which is often called "The Jewel of Richmond," sits right next to the toxic area. The Bay Trail, used by hundreds of people daily, runs right through it: mothers wheeling baby carriages, kids riding bicycles, people doing aerobic activities to increase their intake of what they think is healthy air.

Booker T. Anderson Park, on Carlson Ave., and the little branch library (now closed) and the fire station are directly across the freeway from it. The big sign that says "Richmond, City of Pride and Purpose" is right there. If you cross the freeway on the Bayview overpass and make the loop to the right, when you stop at the stop sign at the bottom of the loop, look to your left down Seaport Avenue. You will see it, 2 very short blocks away.

If you value your health, you will stay as far away as you can. You might want to consider moving.

The Zeneca/Cherokee-Simeon site is bordered by:
Meade Street
Montgomery Street
South 49th Street
South 46th Street
South 51st Street
Bay Trail
UC Field Station

Otherwise known as:
Campus Bay
Simeon Properties
Cherokee Investment Partners
Cherokee-Simeon Ventures Limited Liability Corporation
Stauffer Chemical
Western Research Facility
ICI Americas
Zeneca, Inc.
Zeneca Agricultural Products
Meade Street Operable Unit (MSOU)
Bayer CropScience, Inc.
Rhone-Poulenc Basic Chemicals Company, Inc.
Hudson Finance, Inc.