[This dig did not happen because of protests by Rep. Loni Hancock and Contra Costa County Public Health Director Dr. Wendell Bruner. It was stopped. But in October, the Water Quality Board went ahead with it anyway. And did much worse than this.]

WARNING! BIG TOXIC DIG Starting !! 9/1/04

* Huge noise and dust impacts.
o Plan identifies start date as 9/1/04 through 12/31/04.
o Limestone scheduled 7/1/05 through 8/31/05.
* Some businesses will be within 50 feet of at least 80 trucks per day moving soil in and ["vegetation"] out of property. [Erickson Outdoors, Heliodyne, Christie Constructors, Bay View Studios, Leo Vince USA, Aikido of Berkeley, Kray Cabling, Inc., Uni-Marble, and Allied Propane.
o While most (not all) trucks will be entering property using South 47th Street access, they will all be traveling parallel to South 49th Street while on the property.

August 9 letter from Levine Fricke and "Remedial Design Details Addendum"
- related figures, maps a. Figure 1 and Figure 9 are made of three pages. b. The first page of Figure 1 and Figure 9 is a reduced copy of the following two pages.

- Copy of City of Richmond Grading Permit issued by Jay Ghandi of Building Regulations Department on 8/11/04. a. Cecil Felix of SFBRWQCB did not know City of Richmond issued grading permit as of 3 p.m. 8/11/04. b. Jay Ghandi of Richmond Building Regulation Dept. told Sherry Padgett on phone that he expects Cecil Felix is the primary inspector (before City of Richmond), and he thought Cecil did know all about the permit being issued